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Multi-function chef's knife: It can trim sirloin and lamb legs, peel or decompose the whole chicken, and even separate the ribs from the pork tenderloin. The curve allows precise separation of meat and bones. It is very sharp, suitable for outdoor camping cooking and barbecue.
Rugged and durable: The hardness of the curved blade means that the blade is difficult to cut, has excellent rust and corrosion resistance, and you can easily sharpen it with different sharpening tools after long-term use.
Ergonomic handle: The wooden handle of the Tang's kitchen knife provides a relaxing operating experience. It feels comfortable and not tired after long-term use. Easy to maintain, anti-fouling, anti-rust
Ideal gift: very suitable for multi-purpose tableware gifts (Christmas, weddings, birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day), home chefs, professional chefs, cooking students, etc.

1. Special design, comfortable to wear. Free flying bird shape
2. Balance and excellent grip.
3. Selected stainless steel blades, rust-proof and easy to re-grind
4. The handle is made of pear wood, finely polished, without thorns.

Product information:
Product Category: Slicing Knife
Knife handle: red sandalwood
Uses: sliced meat, fruits and vegetables
Weight: 240G (net weight)
Steel: 4CR13 stainless steel

Packing list:

Type 0
style Stainless steel
Weight 0.0 lb